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CPSM-C30 - Coupler Protection Thick Wall

CPSM-C30 - Coupler Protection Thick Wall
Backing Binder: PE
Category: Heat Shrinkable Pipeline Coatings
Covalence CPSM is a thick-wall, high expansion heat-shrinkable tubular sleeve remarkable for its high shrink ratio allowing awkward, irregular shapes to be coated easily. It consists of a thick-walled, radiation cross-linked, high density polythylene and a visco-elastic sealant.


  • Fittings & mechanical coupler coating and sealing.
  • Small diameter bends, like riser bends.
  • Field applied, "over-the-ditch" coating.

Features & Benefits:

No primer required. DVGW certified
No drying time and easy application Proven quality and performance!
Copes with difficult shapes and relatively high trasitions (high shrink ratio) Self-healing effect of visco-elastic sealant.
Makes installatioin & protection a child's play, saves         time and money Saves extra intervention steps (Sealing adhesive automatically flows and seals off minor             mechanical damages)
No special equipment required Low preheat sensitivity and proven functionality
Makes installation fast and easy, keeps                    installation costs low Allows easy application combined with high        functional performance

Max Temperature: 30 ºC, 86 ºF

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