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BLOT - Blocking Tee Protection

BLOT - Blocking Tee Protection
Colors: Black
Adhesives: Adhesive: Mastic
Backing Binder: PE
Category: Heat Shrinkable Pipeline Coatings
BLOT is a heat-shrinkable two-piece moulded part kit, pre-shaped to encapsulate weld-on blocking tees. It consists of 2 parts: a collar and a cap.
The collar and the cap are made of a thick-walled, radiation cross-linked, high     density polyethylene.
The collar is coated with a high strength mastic and the cap with a high           performance copolymer.


  • Field applied - "over the ditch" application.
  • Corrosion protection of weld-on blocking tees in gas distribution networks. 

Features & Benefits:

No primer required. Pre-shaped system
     No drying time and easy application      Provides accurate protection

Controlled high wall thickness

Hand brushed pipe cleaning
     Provides accurate & reliable protection      Saves time!

DVGW certified

Easy to apply with minimal training
     Proven quality and performance!      Saves money & time!

Max Temperature: 30 ºC, 86 ºF

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