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APPM - Anchor Plate Protection

APPM - Anchor Plate Protection
Colors: Black
Backing Binder: HDPE
Category: Heat Shrinkable Pipeline Coatings
APPM is a tubular,heat-shrinkable sleeve, which provides corrosion protection to metal pipes and the anchor plates welded to them. Owing to it's high shrink ratio, it conforms easily to large step-downs. APPM consist of a thick-walled, radiation crosslinked , high density polyethylene backing and a vico-elastic, mastic sealant.


APPM is used in district heating and district cooling pipeline segments which require anchoring of the network.

Features & Benefits:

No Primer Required High Mechanical Resistance Backing
     No drying time and easy application
     Resists abrasion, impact and
Specially Formulated Sealant High Shrink Force Backing
     Ensures a strong bond & reliable protection       Easy and clean installation even at the      difficult step-down area
Low Preheat Sensitivity & Proven Functionality No Special Equipment or Skills Required
     Allows easy application combined with high functional      performance; saves time
     Makes installation fast, easy and
     low cost
Sealing Adhesive automatically flows and repairs minor mechanical damages
     Self-healing effect; Saves time

Max Temperature: 110 ºC, 230 ºF

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