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POWERCRETE® is an epoxy based polymer concrete. Its main purpose is to protect the fusion bonded epoxy coating on steel pipe under severe handling conditions. The highly abrasion resistant POWERCRETE® provides a smooth surface that allows the pipeline to be pulled under the crossing in a "slick bore" operation with much less drag resistance than conventional concrete. It can also be used as a rockshield.

POWERCRETE® is sprayed onto the pipe and results in a hard, smooth surface. Each spray pass results in a thickness of about 0.030" (0.762 mm). Depending on the pipe diameter, multiple passes may be applied in order to build up to the desired thickness, ranging from .030" (0.762 mm) to .125" (3.175 mm) thick. There is no laminating, therefore a homogeneous layer of cured POWERCRETE® results.

At an atmospheric temperature of about 90°F (32°C), POWERCRETE® gels to a smear free surface in about 30 minutes. It is hard after 4 hours, has a very high strength after 24 hours, and reaches full cure and maximum strength after 7 days. POWERCRETE®, after 24 hours, has a minimum reading on the SHORE hardness scale of 75.

POWERCRETE® forms an excellent bond to fusion bonded epoxy coatings. Should any damage occur due to severe repeated blows, the area can be repaired easily by using the same material after cleaning and the surface becomes dry.

POWERCRETE® is the result of many years of combined research by several major corporations involved in pipeline protection.