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The Challenge:

To qualify Powercrete®-W to NTPC specifications specific testing was performed at independent laboratories. The testing found Powercrete®-W was well above the acceptance criteria. Additionally, it was necessary to establish a pipemill procedure using appropriate and reliable spray equipment to ensure the required thickness of the coating would be achieved in one single application step.

Our Solution:

Powercrete®-W, a 100% solids liquid epoxy engineered specifically for the internal lining of pipes. It delivers a high film build-up and can be applied to a thickness of more than 1500 microns in one single step. Powercrete®-W can also be applied in multiple passes wet-on-wet for higher thickness. Powercrete®-W produces a very smooth surface and boasts excellent adhesion, hardness, tensile strength, holiday-free in addition to its other highly desirable physical and chemical properties. Our experienced technical services team was used to help the pipemill select the best spray equipment for optimal production and quality to meet the required schedule.

P-W - Simhadri.pdf

P-W - Vallur.pdf