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Plant Coating Systems

Berry Plastics CPG offers a wide range of coating systems that meet the rigorous demands of on-land and off-shore pipelines. Through a global network of certified applications, the plant coating specifications and quality standards are rigorously monitored, thus ensuring reproducible long-term coating performance the end-user.


The SYNERGY system is a fused multi-layer. During application the three layers are fused, resulting in strong mechanical and chemical bonds that maximize performance. Thermal fusion generates mechanical toughness and superior anticorrosion properties that insure long-term pipeline protection.

The Primer Layer
The Elastomer Layer
The Polyethylene Layer

The Polyken YGIII system is a cold-applied, multi-layer coating system used primarily for the protection of steel and ductile iron water pipelines.

Low and Zero VOC Solvent Based Primers
The Anti-Corrosion Layer
The Middle and Outer Mechanical Protection Layer
Weld Stripping Layer
Primary Storage Coating