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S1301-M Epoxy Primer for 3LPE MOT 85°C

S1301-M Epoxy Primer for 3LPE MOT 85°C
Colors: Black
Category: Heat Shrinkable Pipeline Coatings
Covalence S1301-M epoxy consists base Part A and hardener Part B. S1301-M epoxy is used in a 3 layer Polyethylene coating system for superior corrosion protection. It is used with a mixing ratio (by volume) of 3 Parts of base (part A) to 1 part of hardener (part B). 
It is available in 2 packagings:
a) In a ready to use premeasured Kit (Can cover area of 1.4 SQM/ 15 sq ft)
b) In standard 18 liter pail


S1301-M can be used with:
  • Covalence HTLP 80
  • Covalence HTLP 60
  • Covalence HTLP60-HP
  • Covalence Dirax 60E 
  • Covalence ROCS60E 
  • Covalence HTLP80-HP

Features & Benefits:

Solvent Free Easy to apply with Minimal training
   Safe for use and Environment friendly    Saves time and money
Excellent Adhesion and Cathodic Disbondment resistance property Compatible with most of Covalence Heat Shrink Sleeves
   Long lasting performance against corrosion    Reduces inventory and saves money

Max Temperature: 85 ºC, 185 ºF

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