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Why use AnodeFlex systems?
 … to ensure uniform current distribution.

AnodeFlex is used to achieve affective and homogeneous cathodic protection over the entire surface of the buried structure. Cathodic protection current should not be supplied to high demand areas at the expense of remote parts of the structure. Homogeneous distribution therefore is more important than
current output.

AnodeFlex is a unique and cost effective way to keep the operation of a pipeline in compliance with cathodic protection DOT or other regulations.


The use of AnodeFlex on pipelines will eliminate many of the problems found with conventional groundbed anodes:

Continuous anode vs. discrete anode potential
distribution along pipeline.

  • It equalizes cathodic protection
    at consistent levels all along
    the line.
  • Its low overall current output will stop further coating degradation caused by cathodic disbonding when higher current output anodes are used.
  • Since AnodeFlex is istalled adjacent to the pipelines, and its current output per feet is low, interference problems are significantly reduced.
  • In most cases AnodeFlex can be installed in the pipeline ROW. Environmental and other ROW related problems are therefore kept to a minimum.