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Where are AnodeFlex systems used?

One of the major uses of AnodeFlex is in rehabilitation of pipelines, where ageing and degrading coatings no longer provide adequate corrosion protection. Re-coating the pipe is a very expensive solution, often requiring to shut down the pipeline over an extended period of time. In addition, the pipeline operator is facing major problems of obtaining environmental permits and disposal of toxic materials.

The close interval survey shows the underprotected areas, caused by detoriating pipeline coating.

Increasing current output of existing groundbed anodes is on longer an option, since this will aggravate the problem by further disbonding of the pipe coating.

Voltage increase of existing rectifiers.

Installation of additional groundbed. This does not solve the problem; still underprotected areas remain.

Installation of additional groundbed.

AnodeFlex offers a better, more cost effective, and environmental friendly approach to pipe rehabilitation. It is typically installed in the same right of way as the pipe, adjacent to the pipe, with only minimal disturbance of the environment.

Installation of the AnodeFlex system. It provides cathodic protection on every point without causing any under or overprotection.

... to ensure protection in areas of concern.