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What is AnodeFlex?
 ... a Cable Anode

AnodeFlex is an impressed current, flexible cable anode for use in cathodic protection systems for buried structures. Placed alongside a pipe or other buried metal structure, AnodeFlex provides uniform cathodic protection to every point, with a minimum of interference from adjacent structures.


The four basic elements in the AnodeFlex system are:

A high performance coke breeze serving as the active matrix in which the anodic reactions take place.

A copper conductor serving as a low resistance busbar to deliver the required current over considerable distance without incurring substantial longitudinal voltage drop.

A special conductive polymer that seal the conductor from chemical attack, yet allows current to flow from the conductor to the environment all along its length.

A fabric jacket to hold the coke breeze in place around the anode cable. This jacket is designed to resist electrochemical attack, but to allow current flow from the anode to the surrounding soil.


Installation of AnodeFlex is done using standard cable laying equipment, such as a hydraulic back hoe equipped with reel pay off equipment. A typical trench is only about 1 foot deep, and 6¨ wide, and no special backfill is required, Typical installation rates of 2 miles per day can be achieved.

AnodeFlex is supplied on a reel. A set of specially designed splice kits is available to handle in-line splices, branch off, and end terminations.